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Downloading More RAM Is No Longer a Meme


Updated on July 28, 2023

Published on July 25, 2023

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TL;DR Ancient memes about downloading extra RAM are now a reality! MemVerge and SK Hynix's Memory Composer System, clusters can now access up to 2.3 TB of memory and automate its management. This in theory fixes data spillage and memory stranding for good and takes us closer to a download more RAM reality.

Wait... You Can Actually Download More RAM?

When Gourry first came up to me, grinning like a Cheshire cat and said, "You can download more RAM now," I thought he'd lost it. The joke was so archaic it might as well have been a fossil. But then, he shoved this presentation under my nose - "MemVerge and SK Hynix: Project Endless Memory."

I'll admit it, my jaw hit the floor. We're not just talking sci-fi gibberish here. This stuff is the real deal. Now, before you start making that face, you know, the one where you're about to hear some tech-babble containing every buzzword in the industry, hold it right there. This thing is insane. Seriously, just trust me on this.

The Meme That Became Reality

Remember that ancient meme about downloading extra RAM? That one from like twenty years ago? Yeah, that's actually a thing now. No, seriously, it is. Thanks to CXL and their new memory composer system, it's not a joke anymore – well, except maybe a hilarious reality. Behold, the Memory Composer System - This system made me rub my eyes in disbelief. A cluster connected to an endless memory service. Sounds like tech nerd fantasy, doesn't it?

The Nitty-Gritty of Endless Memory

Visualize this: a composer diligently monitoring two hosts within a cluster. This entire setup, consisting of two hosts and a memory device, holds a massive 2 terabytes of memory in total. One of these hosts is connected to a logical device that hosts 128 gigabytes of memory capacity.

The real marvel, though, is the aggregate capacity of this setup. It flaunts an enormous total of 2 terabytes of memory.

The truly impressive part comes next. This advanced system has the ability to download memory – straightforwardly and directly – into one of the hosts. With just a few clicks, 32 gigabytes of memory can be transferred instantly.

Automated Memory Management

Oh, and if this all sounds too manual and time-consuming for you, worry not, because they've thought about that too. You can actually set profiles to automate memory management to grow and shrink memory. The similar to hard disk space in VMware. Project Endless Memory wants to revolutionize the way we deal with two major tech nuisances - data spillage and memory stranding. No more slow-as-molasses performance when memory usage exceeds available RAM, and no more wasted time, money, and power due to inefficient memory allocation.

Looking into the Future

Now, if you're wondering what the future holds, there is still work to do before downloading more ram is reality; software support and updates, standardizing topologies, multi-switch configurations, dynamic capacity devices, and whatnot. In simpler terms, the vendors like Docker and VMware need to build support to leverage the new tech before memory on-demand and forgetting about restarting or shutting down hosts for more memory is reality.

The Future is Here?

The seemingly fanciful concept of "downloading more RAM" is no longer an Internet meme, but a reality knocking on our tech horizon. This new tech not only aims to revolutionize the memory landscape, but also alleviates common technological irritants such as data spillage and memory stranding. While we still await software support and standardization, the potential is there. Just as the introduction of solid-state drives dramatically sped up computing, this leap towards endless memory could redefine our understanding of "BLAZINGLY FAST." I for one am looking forward to downloading more RAM.