# Type to Hack the Planet!
We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.– W.W.

My Story

Continually taking things apart as a kid and wanting to understand the world more, hacking seemed like the perfect fit. My career has been an incredible experience with the pinnacle so far being co-founding Tuik Security Group and primarily working as the Chief Innovation Officer. Prior to starting Tuik, I led a team completing thousands of assessments, building services, and enhancing security testing methodologies to increase the security posture of clients. Before that, I built a team of security experts within General Electric testing their products and enterprise software along with pioneering the protocol fuzzing used to test their SCADA and PLC embedded systems. I also worked for a slew of "three-letter" government acronyms doing fun and interesting things. Ignoring all of 👆 that though, all you need to know about me is I love security, I love hacking, and more over, I love the hacking community. I am an avid DEF CON fanboy, I help run the Darknet, and I started a YouTube channel to share my love for all things hacking. Thanks for reading and HACK ON! 🤘

Weird and Interesting Things

  • Earned a DEF CON Black Badge
  • Earned two GrrCon Black Badges back-to-back
  • DEF CON Goon
  • DEF CON 21, 22, & 23 DarkNet Winner
  • NSEC 2021 Capture the Flag 2nd Place
  • Solved all GrrCon Crypto Challenges
  • DEF CON DarkNet Staff
  • Sold OffensiveSecurity.com
  • Coffee Roaster and Snob
  • Build the Open Source Cryptoworm Project
  • Build the Defect Analytics Portal
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