Opened Up My Obsidian Vault

Opened Up My Obsidian Vault

Published October 16, 2021
This post was a carry over from my previous site so formatting might be a bit off.
I started using It is a knowledge base or "Second Brain" software. I have a personal one and a public one I am calling "Rogue Process" hosted using Obsidian "Publish" at
I used it for the GrrCon challenge write up. I was using Notion originally and I still use it for some things when working with teams. However, I am LOVING Obsidian for a few, though IMPORTANT reasons:
  • Everything is local on my file system (though syncing between devices). They "officially" currently support iCloud and "Obsidian Sync" their own solution encrypted end-to-end for cross syncing (true end-to-end with local key) though unofficially you can use any file syncing service.
  • No special weird proprietary format. Everything is markdown files in folders.
  • LINKING!! This is a concept I love. Notes become a web with free organization. Though I can still use tags.
  • Mobile accessible with app
  • Bonus: Publishing to share externally.
I am sure I will do a video at some point because it is my favorite software tool I think I have ever used (which is saying something).
For now, my public vault is becoming a public knowledge base to toss all the stuff I don't really have a place for; not just hacking, I plan to include food recipes and my coffee hobby on there as well for anyone else who might find it useful.
If you are looking for a Evernote, Notion, or private knowledge base this is definitely one worth checking out.