My First Post… again
My First Post… again

My First Post… again

Published June 10, 2022
I've had many websites in the past, though I never kept up with them since I always started them for reasons besides just for fun (or they were too difficult to maintain). I am excited about this one since it is a balance between code I control and being easy to use. Also the entire concept of this project I find fascinating since it is built on Notion as the CMS. Weird, I know.
notion image
I was getting annoyed with GatsbyJS, the last site I spun up, since it is difficult to just toss words or ideas into a post since I would always get caught up with markdown language. I am okay using it when it comes to but I want writing to be fun without needing to stop and worry about constant formatting (tables are the worst in markdown). Though I have since found some great graphical frontends that have a bit of both worlds for more advanced formatting.
After the NSEC 2022 CTF, where we used Notion, I woke up at 2am with the idea to build a site using Notion as the CMS on the backend. I sat down to start and my first search for the Notion API and JS calls led me to something quite surprising and incredible:
transitive-bullshitUpdated Dec 4, 2022
Not only is it maintained and under active development, but it is AWESOME!
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Easy to setup, enjoyable to use, based on Next.js, no more expensive CMS platform (since Notion is already something I have) and hosting is currently free on Vercel. No more bloat of WordPress. I can use Markdown when I want and can do more advanced elements within Notion. Travis Fishcher, the project creator, made React-Notion-X as well which auto wraps Notion elements within React. Really cool stuff.
I am still getting my footing but I am thrilled. I already started modifying the starter (and did PRs) for a few modifications like the YouTube and Newsletter icons with more to come, like the logo section.
All my original reasons to start a site remain the same.

Why did I spin one up?

Here are a few ideas:
  • Sharing hacking tools and insights
  • Central location to branch into my other resources, like my Obsidian Vault
  • Share more content that won't make it's way into my Newsletter
  • Location to answer questions I am getting on other platforms
  • More ways to communicate with you!

What's Next?

The site will change over time as I build more features. It will take me a bit to get my footing with the code. I will also link off a new Obsidian vault that will help organize a lot of what I am going to release. I am PUMPED!