I Started a Newsletter
I Started a Newsletter

I Started a Newsletter

Published October 27, 2021
This post was a carry over from my previous site so formatting might be a bit off.
Back in August I started my newsletter Pursuing Failure. I want to become a better creative writer, especially having spent most of my life writing technical reports.
I avoided it for a long time since I knew I am not a creative writer and don't want to put out junk. Heck, since I am older and read a lot, I am more aware of my skill level. Then I came across a story.
A teacher told two students to create 1 magnificent vase. The first sat down and thought, planned, and designed. After a long time, they declared they would not be able to make a magnificent vase their first time.
The second student started and failed, then failed again and again; each time improving. Over time they became a better potter by failing better each time and produced many magnificent vases.
Becoming skilled at anything, takes time, effort, and failure.

I am not creative

I had this excuse too. Though I read a great book by Austin Kleon called Steal Like an Artist and found we are all creative. We were born creative. We just forgot. This was one of my favorite topics I wrote about https://newsletter.alexchaveriat.com/issues/pursuing-failure-i-forgot-how-to-be-creative-764214

Pursuing Failure

I am learning by practicing, both on this site, my newsletter, and everywhere else. Failing more, failing better, and failing often. Feel free to check it out at https://newsletter.alexchaveriat.com.